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Living together
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Who we are


Since  1951  the  MCE is  an  association of  Italian  teachers,pedagogists and  principals  built upon cooperation and  active  learning . With other  members  of  FIMEM –Federation Internationale des Mouvements de l’Ecole Moderne- the  MCE   comes  from  Freinet ‘s  approach  to  pedagogy  and  organizes  workshops and  meetings  to  exchange  learning  process  knowledge  among teachers and  educators   all  around  the  world.

Every  second  year the  FIMEM  members  call  the  RIDEF  meeting  -Rencontre Internationale des  Educateurs  Freinet-  where  teachers from different  countries  and  background   may  exchange   experiences , problems  and   teaching  tools.

The  MCE.

The MCE  strenght  comes from   its members and   their  commitment .

The  MCE   long  and  rich  story  has  been founded  upon   research, , testing,  need  and  wish  to share  and  take  part   in “the teaching job”.

For  MCE members cooperation goes  with  political- pedagogical commitment  and their teaching  methodology  comes from stages, studying seminars, meetings and exchanges about  problems  and  teaching experiences. 

Half  a century  of  field  research has  given  its  members  authorithy enough to  be  asked for  advices  by  the Ministry of Education  University  and  Research. Along  with others  nine  school associations, it  has   also  been   appointed by Decree   as  Qualified Organization   for   Teachers’ Training  and Refresher  Courses.

Through  its  workshops  the   MCE  can  be  met in Departments  of  Education  as  support to  students  in many  Italian   Universities.

The MCE work is built  upon  research/action by  means of  adults workshops on  topics as environment consciousness, intercultural relationships, school  subjects teaching methodology,gender studies,nursery school  themes, ICT skills.

Moreover, it’s  common  practice  and  common  background for  MCE  teachers  enhancing  peace  culture and civil  rights citizenship  for  each  student.

Every  project  and  achievement  starts  from  everyday classroom  activity as  well  as  from  the social background  children  bring  along  to  school. 


First RIDEF  meeting was  held  in Chimay, Belgium in 1968 and went on every  year  until 1982.

It  was  called  by C. Freinet  in  a  time  when   on   the  international horizon other international  gatherings  were held,  promoting  the  union of the working / exploited  classes of  the  world.

Thus ,Freinet’s pedagogy  is known  as“ people’s pedagogy” .

Since  then, a  great deal of changes  have  been taking  place, but  FIMEM  members  keep  on thinking of education as an open  field  where teachers  build up  learning settings  as  free  as  possible from  social, cultural, religious marks.

Following  Freinet’s pedagogy ,  by means  of  cooperative  learning,  the  FIMEM ‘ s  mission  towards  schools  in every  country  of  the  world   is  promoting  each  student ‘s growing  up

 with  critical awareness   and  freedom of  thinking.

An  educational  goal  that may  be  fulfilled  by removing  any  racial, linguistic, religious , sexual ,political , economical , cultural  and  social prejudices.

The  educational  goals   walk  beyond  the  classroom  walls  and  call  upon   the  whole social  community   in   the  making   of  the “ earthly  identity”  for  each  student , as  Edgar  Morin  says.

Working  on this  goal, teachers can  meet   teachers from   different  countries, languages, culture and  experience as  both beeing   keen on teaching .

After Torino  RIDEF  held  in  1982, the  meeting went  on  every  second  year  to  build  up a better organization  around  the theme  to  be.

On  this  point, here  below  you’ ll  find  the  themes the last RIDEFs  were  dealing  with :

  • 2006 Senegal: Quality  of  the  Education  for  everyone, a  choice for home  development.
  • 2008 Mexico : Translating  Freinet’s  pedagogy  in  XXI° century-How  to make  a growing   cooperative  teachers net.
  • 2010 France: Freinet’s  pedagogy:   an  answer  to  the planet  challenges?
  • 2012  Spain :  Equal   opportunities, different  choices-  The  right  to  Education  for    girls and  women.

The  RIDEF  meeting aims  to  be a  “ workshop  of  workshops”  where  to  look for educational strategies   apt to the classroom  challenges  every  teacher  has  to cope  with.

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