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Reggio nell'Emilia | 21-30 luglio 2014

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The other side of happy childhood

Denied rights – violet  rights – rented rights

A Book to write together

A calling to  the Freinet movements

The CA FIMEM has decided do print a book containing witness and documents on the rights violation concerning childhood in the different countries of the world

The Fimem asks to the all the members of the movement to collect and send all the necessary materials , especially witnesses voices of boys and girls , teenagers  under the form

  • of tales, and reflections  (written directly from children / teens or  transcribed by adults on the basis of oral testimonies)
  • pictures (drawings or photos)
  • scripts of interviews
  • In the book could also be included, witnesses of adults (teachers, operators) on actions taken by the school or other institutions to “restore” the rights denied to children, girls, teenagers, and victims of violence .

Materials can be addressed to

The book will be distributed during the Ridef, 2014, whose  theme closely affects the rights of children.

Please send to

Why a book about the rights denied?

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Children  and the laws that,  almost in all the countries of the world  is ratified it,  indicate as fundamental rights:

those ones related to survival, ie  the rights

  • not to be discriminated
  • a proper  registration and name
  • to be in the care of  parents, or in absence of them,  of the State
  • medical care
  • to an adequate standard of living
  • a full and dignified life even if disabled
  • to rest, to free time and leisure.

Those ones  linked, so to speak,  to the “nationality”, ie

  • the right to education
  • to freedom of expression, of association, of information
  • to live according to our own culture, religion, language
  • to express opinions and be taken into account

Finally, the fundamental right

  • protection against all forms of abandnoment, negligence, discrimination, violence, exploitation, enslavement.

As you can see that these guidelines are widely disregarded and how or not the Respect or not of  the Rights of the Children  has, in different countries of the world, different connotations.

It the rights of survival are violated dramatically in some countries of the world, the so-called “developing “ones, it is true that wherever the rights of citizenship are completely disregarded in situations, for example, where public education is lacking for low prevalence of  quality or, where there is no space  for boys, girls and adolescents in public life and there are, for them, adequate physical space to move around and meet independently and to enjoy cultural events, expressive and playful , in which it is denied access to information

Not to mention, finally, the infinite forms of lack of protection, ranging from violent exploitation and neglect the real, but  to the less visible forms but more devasting of psychological and emotional abandonment which  can precipitate many boys, girls and adolescents in solitude, outcast in psychological distress, or make them victims of violence or authors of violence.

Making visible these violations often invisible is the goal that the FIMEM aims to perceive with this book.

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