XXX Ridef Italia

Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi | Via Bligny, 1-A - 42100

Reggio nell'Emilia | 21-30 luglio 2014

Points of view that will change the world

Living together
the cities of girls and boys

Reminder to FIMEM Movements

Reminder to FIMEM Movements

having teachers, headmasters or headmistresses and educators interested in 2014 RIDEF in Italy:

Please tell us as soon as possible if any of your country needs an invitation: whether it is necessary an invitation to come to Italy, you can ask your Consulate or Embassy of Italy.

For countries that require a visa:

  • We remind you that you must pay for health insurance .


For the participants helped by the organization of the RIDEF
In this moment
MCE and FIMEM can help participants of the countries mentioned by assigning them a sum which will lower the price of their registration and travel : 2 people from  Morocco, Benin, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Palestine, and 1 person from Togo, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Chile and Haiti (you can share the sum for the country between several peers).

  • We remind you that each participant must pay himself a minimum of 40 euros for registration.
  • Must tell us if you can buy the ticket yourself and get a refund from us, or if we need to buy your ticket. In 2 cases must buy tickets as soon as possible to have cheaper prices.
  • We remind you that the organization can support your visit to a maximum of 15 days framing the RIDEF.

* * *

Send all questions and answers to and as soon as possible.

Before 06/12/13 we expect the data of people who need a visa !

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