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Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi | Via Bligny, 1-A - 42100

Reggio nell'Emilia | 21-30 luglio 2014

Points of view that will change the world

Living together
the cities of girls and boys

General Info


Solidarity among  Movements  is valued  by Fimem as   top priority.   So  that teachers , with  poor  financial resources  coming  from  rising countries  (i.e.  Africa- South America- East Europe- Middle  East –  “ B”  or “  C” Countries  according  to  Fimem  list)    should  be  given  the  opportunity to enroll  the Ridef  and  to  practice  modern school techniques.

That’s  why  every kind of activity attended  by  Ridef  participants  ( workshops and exhibitions, round table talks and meetings, etc)  are run  as free and  voluntary  offer. The   Ridef 2014 staff  can  rely on  the  Fimem   financial support   as  their  only  safe  resource .  It’s  made  of  the  application fees  to the  Fimem  and  of  the Italian MCE funding.  No  need to  say that  crisis  is  still  bitterly biting Italy and  cutting  backers  as  well.


You’re  welcome to  visit  our FB page  “ Ridef  Italia”.

Enrolment  form  will  be  available  from our website from 15th  January 2014   to….

Proposals for workshops fit into the corresponding tabs by opening the entry ‘WORKSHOPS’ from the header of the site. The proposals of exhibitions have to fill in opening the tab that appears under ‘WORK’ in the header of the site.

Every participant will kindly fill his/her own form, giving  please notice about friends/colleagues you desire going to stay with.

On receipt of your enrolment form, you  will  be  sent  a  confirmation.

Moreover :


Clicking at “ info” , people  in  need  of  visa will  found  an   invitation  letter  form.

They will fill  it  in  and  send  it to

Each  letter will  be  soon  sent  back  complete  with  the  signature  and  validation  stamp by  the  Ridef  Headstaff, mr. Domenico Canciani .

For  more details  about  visa, please  e-mail to ms. Nicoletta  Lanciano, at: nicoletta.lanciano@tin.

Each  Movement  is  kindly requested to let  us  know :

  • how  many  invitation  letters  with  personal  data   will  be  needed;
  • how  many  people  are in  need  of financial support.

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