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Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi | Via Bligny, 1-A - 42100

Reggio nell'Emilia | 21-30 luglio 2014

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Living together
the cities of girls and boys

Atelier long – Participation démocratique des enfants

The democratic participation of the children in the decisions which concern them is one of pillars of the pedagogy Freinet but it is also, today, a right recognized by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. She concerns the school but also the city, the family and all the spaces welcoming the children. She becomes integrated into a participative democratic governance.
Our long workshop will set up a participative democratic governance. He will study, from the experiences of the participants / e/, how the participation of the children in the decisions is organized in the classes and the schools: councils – exercise of the rights and the liberties participative process (suggest – discussing to decide to apply – to estimate

We shall study how these democratic experiences in the school influence the place of the children in the family, the district, the city, the associations, the educational spaces. We shall have contacts with the experiences of participative democracy of Reggio.
I propose, before the RIDEF, an exchange of experiences between those who plan to participate in the workshop. Contact me quickly.
Reference: the democratic participation of the children in the educational institutions icipation_democratique_des_enfants.pdf

Jean Le Gal

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